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The fake news game gave me the ability to play into tricking people and gaining a following doing it. Throughout the game I never thought about who I could hurt in the process or what I was doing I just wanted to gain more followers and badges. As the questions kept coming up I was willing to do whatever they had to give in order to be the best and fool as many people as I could to gain credibility and have people listen to me and share my ideas as the “truth”. Every timeI earned a new badge, I had this overwhelming sense of accomplishment because I was hitting the steps to becoming a expert on producing fake news. In the picture above you can see that throughout the game I earned all of the badges available with the work I was doing. When I earned the conspiracy badge I felt as though I was actually creating real stories, it felt different from the other badges. It was easy to get the hang of just playing with people’s emotions and trolling people, but when you get to create a conspiracy theory and actually have people follow and believe it, you feel like you are actually in the game doing all of this; this was thrilling and I was loving what I was doing. In the beginning I was carefully reading the different options are really thinking about what I was going to choose and put out using my account, but once I saw the followers start to rise, I would always choose what would be the most convincing to my followers. I loved being able to play with people’s emotions and even lie on the stories to make my account sound credible and worried about what was going on. This game gave great insight into how easily it is for people to get sucked into the fake news craze with not only believing it but writing it as well.

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